“Chef Squidiano” by Mame Moyashi i technically made the pre-order a few days ago but shipping was set for this month so i got mine this morning. bliss!


look at my freakin’ neopet. you can’t tell in the still but in flash books are flying around him. i spent like $16 (real cash, not nps) to trade some kid for the background. omg. i’m 11 again but with money this time.


“Pocket Pork Dumpling: Choice Cuts” by SQUIBBLES INK & MPHLABS Ever wonder what the best parts of Pocket Pork Dumplings are?! Shawnimals breaks it down for you with the Pocket Pork Dumpling Choice Cuts edition. Do you prefer a Cheekling or a Ba-dunk-a-dunk? Each dumpling is sold packaged in a standard Take-Out box but a few…


Alex Pardee bought the paul pin for my brother and the randolph pin for myself. comic-con 2017, blew it out.


“Lucha Squid (Purple)” by Germs x ToyQube Shines in high gloss purple with sliver glitters, only limited to 80pcs Height: 7″ Material: Soft Vinyl / Sofubi went saturday to the disburst booth (my favorite stop at comic-con), saw this guy, left empty-handed. went back on sunday and decided to splurge. my gf even approves.


Awesome-Toy “Brainwash TV” Inspired by famous the THEY LIVE movie scene. Artwork created by Zach Taylor. Material: Sofubi scooped @ comic-con at the disburst booth. also reminds me of street fighter.